• Work to support the stability and continued development of the Seattle Evaluation Association.

  • Provides support to the financial officer.

  • Ensures committee work is completed in a timely fashion.

  • Facilitates communication between leadership team.

  • Offers strategic guidance for the organization.

  • Maintains communications between Seattle Evaluation Association, American Evaluation Association, and other Affiliates.


  • Fulfill the duties of the president in his/her absence

  • Support the president in performing the work of the council.

  • Takes minutes at all meetings.

    • Circulates meeting notes to members.

  • Supports leadership team members to perform their roles and responsibilities.

  • Ensure smooth transition between Councils

Financial Officer

  • Establishes bank account and membership fees

  • Maintains the bank account:

    • Update signatures

    • Pay bills

    • Balance accounts

  • Prepare and maintain an annual organizational budget.

  • Coordinate fee payments for events.

  • Ensure required tax-related paperwork is processed.

Membership Officer

  • Identify and promote Seattle Evaluation Association membership and member benefits.

  • Maintain membership database.

  • Coordinate and troubleshoot individual and collective membership issues.

  • Facilitate membership promotion and events.

Communications Officer

  • Develop and maintain efficient communications systems

    • Be main person checking email and forwarding to others as appropriate.

    • Maintain the website.

    • Maintain social media accounts.

  • Facilitate additional communications as needed.

Events Committee: Leader

  • Lead the Events Committee in planning high-quality events, ensuring a variety of educational, informational, and networking activities that respond to members’ needs.

  • Schedule and chair regular committee meetings.

Events Committee: Members

  • Determine event topics and presenters.

  • Contact and recruit presenters.

  • Ensure logistical needs are met for events.

  • Write meeting announcements and distribute to communications chair.

  • Design, implement, analyze, and report on event evaluations.